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PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators

SAM Gas Projects Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company & one of the leading manufacturers, exporters & suppliers of premium quality PSA Nitrogen Gas generators & PSA Gas Plants. Our PSA Nitrogen Gas generators work on PSA technology, which is Pressure Swing Adsorption. These generators are of optimum quality, customized, durable, easy to handle and can be adjusted to provide the desired nitrogen quality for process & application.

We are exporting PSA Gas Plants to various countries across the globe, the journey of successful supply, installation and commissioning is evident in the counties including Dubai, Egypt, Ethiopia, USA, Myanmar, Syria, Philippines, Kenya, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tanzania, UAE, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Russia, DR Congo, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, South Africa, Vietnam, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Kuwait, Zambia, Iran, Angola, Afganistan, Algeria & Irag etc.

How PSA Technology Works

PSA Nitrogen Gas generation plant is based on the PSA process consist of two adsorbers filled with Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS), which has the property to absorb Oxygen from compressed air. Compressed and purified air is passed through the absorbers in this process. Mainly oxygen is absorbed on the Carbon Molecular Sieves as it has preferential properties for adsorption of moisture first and Nitrogen enriched gas is leaving the absorber. The oxygen concentration can be reduced to almost all required levels. During adsorption in one adsorber, the second adsorber is totally regenerated just by depressurization to ambient pressure. The oxygen enriched gas is vented Out after one cycle of completion of adsorption process of controller switched.

Our PSA nitrogen Gas generators work on latest PSA technology, where nitrogen & oxygen molecules are separated from rich compressed air.These PSA Nitrogen Gas Plants are available in three models including MS Model, DX Model & CU-DX Model.

The PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators ( MS Model) is the simplest to produce nitrogen of a purity in the range from 95% to 99% purity. However, if carbon molecular sieves quantity is increased, even 99.999% purity nitrogen can be produced from this model.

We are Manufacturer and Exporter of PSA Nitrogen Gas generator (DX Model). This model is commonly used in metallurgical industries for providing oxygen free nitrogen for heat treatment furnaces.

We are manufacturers & exporter of High-Quality PSA Nitrogen Gas generator (CU-DX Model) from India. In this model, Nitrogen purity of 99.9999% can be achieved through our nitrogen gas generators.

PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators

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Available Types

Technical Specifications

  MS-L MS Model DX Model CU-DX Model
Oxygen 0.1 to 2 % 10-ppm to 500ppm 1 to 3ppm(max) 1-ppm (max)
Hydrogen Nil Nil 0.5% or more Nil
Nitrogen 98-99.9% 99.5 to 99.999% Balance 99.9999% Nil
Dew Point (-)40ºC to (-)80ºC (-)60ºC to (-)80ºC (-)40ºC to (-)80ºC (-)40ºC to (-)80ºC
As Inert gas In Chemical Industries, Food & Pharmaceutical Industries, for fire control in Coal mines etc As the Inert gas in Chemical, Food Pharmaceutical Industries, Heat Treatment Furnaces, Electronic, Synthetic Fiber, Industries. As the Inert gas in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries. In applications where oxygen impurity is not acceptable. As the Inert gas in Electronic, Synthetic Fiber, Hitech Industries where one needs Ultra High Purity.

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