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Bio Gas Plant

The biogas is the result of the mixture of various gases that are produced due to microbial digestion of organic substances in the absence of oxygen. The resulted gas composed of 50 to 70% methane and 30 to 50% carbon dioxide. The biogas also contains trace gases like nitrogen, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide.

The CHP's or Combined heat and power plants helps in transforming biogas in to heat and electricity. The operator operating the plant helps in the production of electricity to send it to the electricity grid and also for its own use. This serves as cheap source of electrical energy and is used for heating stables, houses, industrial & trade structures and other buildings.

The substances that are suitable for the biogas plant
In particular, biogas offers a great deal for large dairy farms, which can easily use the readily available liquid manure to create energy. The manure can be pumped directly from its collection point into the biogas plant.

The environmentally harmful methane emissions from the manure are drastically diminished after their use in the biogas plant. Organic wastes, which have no more reuse possibilities what so ever, can be fed in. The only important thing is that the organic material does not contain, or has as little as possible, lignins (woody structured materials).

Bio Gas Plant

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